Update: I am in the process of updating my Teaching Philosophy and will post that here soon, as well as syllabi from past courses.

Below are the courses I teach at Baylor University (*Designed original course)

English 1302: Thinking and Writing

English 3300: Technical and Professional Writing

English 3300 ECS: Technical and Professional Writing for Engineering and Computer Science

English 3303: Advanced Expository Writing

English 4309: Advanced Argumentative and Persuasive Writing

English 4318: Writing for the Workplace

English 4375: Special Topics in Writing, “Multimodal Composition and Digital Rhetoric”*

English 4375: Special Topics in Writing, “Writing in a Digital Age”*

English 4377: Internship in Professional Writing

English 4397: Professional Internship for English Literature Majors

English 5310: Rhetoric and Composition Graduate Seminar, “Literacy, Multimodality, and Composition”*

Engineering 4301: Global Business: Economics and Communication (Co-taught)

University 1000

Courses I taught at the University of Louisville

English 101: Introduction to College Writing
English 102 CAI: Introduction to College Writing (Computer-Assisted Instruction)
English 105: Advanced Composition for First-Year Writers
English 303: Scientific and Technical Writing
English 373: Women in Literature

Courses I taught at Central Texas College
English 1301: Composition I

Courses I taught at Abilene Christian University
English 111: Composition and Rhetoric
English 326: Business and Professional Writing Online

Note: I want to thank all the teachers, scholars, and friends who have influenced my teaching and, thus, the development of my syllabi and course design. I have borrowed their ideas and shared with them mine. The work you see here is an amalgamation of our work. Feel free to borrow freely from anything you see here.