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Sherry Turkle’s Ted Talk, “Con­nected, but alone?”. I highly rec­om­mend all read­ers to view this video. One par­tic­u­larly pro­found quote: “We’re lonely, but we’re afraid of inti­macy. And so from social net­works to socia­ble robots, we’re design­ing tech­nolo­gies that will give us the illu­sion of com­pan­ion­ship with­out the demands of friend­ship. We turn to tech­nol­ogy to help us feel con­nected in ways we can com­fort­ably con­trol, but we’re not so com­fort­able. We are not so much in control.”

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Hussey, Tris. (2011). Using Word­Press. Indi­anapo­lis, IN: Pear­son Education.

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