Vegetarian Experiment, Day 4

I have now completed four days of eating vegetarian in this “going vegetarian” experiment. Here is what I ate on Day Four.


Fruit: Watermelon, Grapes, and a Banana

Fruit for Breakfast

Whole Wheat Bagel with Strawberry Cream Cheese (again)

Bagel with Cream Cheese


Jalapeno and Cheddar Veggie Wrap (with corn salad, tabbouleh, and hummus added to it). (Sorry about the blur of this picture.)

Cheddar and Jalapeno Wrap Stock Full of Veggies

Here’s the Veggie Wrap up close.

Veggie Wrap

Key Lime Pie (yum!)

Key Lime Pie

Pre-Dinner Snack

I knew we would be eating a late dinner tonight, so when we were released at 5:00, Karen (my suitemate who is also in the seminar) and I walked down to the cafeteria and had a little “snack”.

Vegan Calzone with Marinara Sauce

This vegan calzone had sundried tomatoes, green peppers, red peppers, onions, mushrooms, and carrots. It was very, very good. I was even surprised to find that I didn’t miss the cheese at all. It was quite tasty without it.

Vegan Calzone with Marinara Sauce

Cut Vegan Calzone with Marinara Sauce

A bite of the vegan calzone

I think you can tell that I liked this vegan calzone. It was really, really good. I definitely think I will try making this dish when I get home.


Later this evening, everyone taking the seminar and most of the presenters went over to Nancy’s, the seminar host, house. She grilled out, and there were a lot of finger foods, but here’s my main dish:

Vegan Hot Dog

Vegan Hot Dog and Side Salad

So what does a vegan hot dog taste like?

There was little resistance biting into the hot dog, unlike in a beef hot dog where the bite is actually a crunch that breaks the hot dog’s skin and sends a (yummy) spray of hot oil (grease?) into your mouth. I do like that sensation, but I didn’t mind it not being there in this case, though. The texture of the vegan hot dog was soft and a bit mushy. Unfortunately, I didn’t find there to be much flavor in the hot dog, even with the ketchup I added after I took my first bite. Next time, I would add mustard and perhaps some onions to enhance it’s taste. Or maybe I just wouldn’t eat it in the first place.