Top 12: A New Series

I’m beginning a new series on this blog called “Top 12.” I like lists. They keep me organized. They work the way my mind works, and they fit with my personality. They also show me when I have accomplished something (or not!).

So, I’m beginning a Top 12 series of lists here. These series are going to be about random topics of interest to me. I thought about posting them on Tuesday and calling the series “Top 12 Tuesday.” I like alliteration (I am an English teacher after all.), and that way readers will know when they are coming. I’m not sure, though. I don’t want to be limited by “Tuesday” as the only day to post them. We’ll see.

I chose the number 12 rather than 10 because, well, 10 is so passe. But 12, it’s less boring. Also, when I was an athlete, back in those glory days of the past, I was #12. It’s my favorite number.

So, next week, I’ll write my first Top 12 post in what I hope to be one of many in this series.